Our Process
How It Works
A step by step guide on how to go Solar with Solar Central Systems. We guide you through the entire process so you don’t have to worry about anything.
In-Home Meeting
Your solar consultant will present you with the best solar plan for you and your home. We will help determine if solar is the right step for you.
We walk you through the process and qualify you for $0 down through our financing partners.
Roof Inspection
We will inspect your roof to make sure Solar Panels are able to be safely installed on your home and that your roof is in overall good shape.
System Design
We will present you the final solar panel system design that will be best for your house. You will see the layout of the panels on your roof.
We apply to your city, utility or home owners association (if applicable) for permission to complete your solar panel installation.
Our team of expert installers manages the installation of your system from start to finish. Installation typically takes 3 days.
Inspection & Approval
We quality check the installation & complete all necessary inspections with the city & utility.
Permission To Operate (PTO)
The Utility company will give permission to turn on the system. Now you can celebrate!
Ready to ditch the Utility?
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