7 Reasons Solar Panels Are a Sound Investment

Are you in the 64% of people who own their own home in the United States? If so, you know that some home upgrades are also good investments.

Most people love a pool, but installation and maintenance are expensive, and you don’t always see a return on the investment.

When it comes to solar panels, they’re a great investment. If you’re wondering why then keep reading for seven good reasons solar panels are worth the cost.

1. Green and Sustainable

Many people think electricity is a clean type of energy, but it’s not always. The largest sources of energy used in electricity generation are natural gas, coal, and oil. These are fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are limited resources that aren’t sustainable over time. Nuclear power is another electricity-generating fuel. Nuclear power is cleaner burning but comes with risks of radiation contamination.

Solar panels are one of the cleanest, most sustainable forms of electricity generation. The primary source of power with solar panels is the sun! It makes solar energy green and clean.

If you’re looking for ways of reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment, solar is the perfect solution.

2. Financial Benefits

Solar panels are a hefty up-front investment, but over time, they pay for themselves. The long-term financial benefits are excellent since once the panels and solar panel installation is paid for, your electricity is free!

If you don’t plan on moving for many years, you’ll reap financial benefits from going solar. If you plan on moving within the next five years, you may want to hold off until you get to your next home.

To get the best financial benefits from going solar, always use an experienced solar panel installer. They’ll also help you get the best solar panels.

3. Energy Security

Climate change causes warmer water temperatures in large bodies of water, like the ocean. These changes cause more rain, stronger winds, and powerful storm surges.

Violent storms often cause power outages, and sometimes it takes hours or even days for the electricity to come back on. If you’ve got solar panels with battery backup storage, you have fewer worries about power interruptions.

Off-grid solar panels mean you aren’t tied to the utility company in any way. It offers great energy security, though it is more expensive. You’ll need more battery storage for an off-grid system, and batteries drive the cost higher.

A grid-tied system with a small battery backup is the perfect solution. You’ll have electricity when the utilities are down, but you’ll still enjoy the credits that come with a grid-tied system.

A fully grid-tied system doesn’t use any batteries at all, only an inverter to tie in with the utility’s power grid. That leads us to our next point…

4. Credit with the Power Company

Your solar energy system can tie into the local power company’s electricity grid if you choose. When that’s the case, you’ll use a grid-tie inverter.

The inverter makes the transfer of electricity a two-way street. Instead of storing your power in batteries, you’ll use the grid for storage.

When you’re using the utility company’s power grid, you must abide by the utility’s rules. That means if the utility in your area is down, you might not have access to electricity unless you’ve got battery backups.

Using the grid when the power is out, puts utility workers in danger unless you’re drawing power from the battery backup.

The great thing about tying into the grid is that over time you’ll build energy credits. The utilities have a name for this, and it’s called net metering.

When the sun is up, and your system generates electricity, any excess goes into the utility grid. You get credit for that electricity so you can use it later on cloudy days or days when your panels aren’t making enough power.

That is a good reason to invest in your own solar panels instead of renting or leasing them. Renting or leasing lowers your up-front and maintenance costs, but it limits your access to the energy. It also gives someone else the right to come on your property.

5. Improved Home Value

Studies show that most buyers will pay more for a home with solar panels, making it another reason for going solar. Appraisers found that buyers would pay up to $15,000 extra for a solar-powered home!

Investing in solar panels is, on average, less than about $20,000. If the panels make your home worth an extra $15,000, that’s a great investment! You’ll only see this return on your investment if you own the solar panels, so remember not to lease or rent them.

Solar panels make your house more attractive to buyers looking to cut down on their carbon footprint.

6. Tax Credits

Tax credits are another great reason for investing in solar panels. Most states offer an array of tax incentives for going solar. Tax credits can significantly reduce your costs, making solar panels even more attractive.

7. Fixed Costs

Regular utility bills fluctuate from month to month. Your monthly payment for your solar panels remains the same month after month. If you’re grid-tied, you may even get credits at the end of the month.

Fixed costs are a big help when it comes to creating your yearly budget. You’ll know the maximum amount you’ll pay for your electricity every month, but you won’t always have to pay the full amount.

Solar Panels Are a Smart Investment

Solar panels are a smart investment for many homeowners. If you live in a sunny climate, you can’t go wrong.

With solar panels, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and feel good about using a sustainable form of energy. You never need to worry about the sun running out of power!

You can go on-grid or off-grid whichever option works best for you. You’ll have increased energy security and better home value upon resale.

What’s not to love about going solar? Are you ready? Contact us now!

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