10 Reasons to Go Solar: Why Going Solar Is Worth It

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? Well, nothing is free initially, but it is possible to get free energy from the sun with solar panels.

You’ve heard of solar panels, but aren’t quite sure if they’re worth it. Solar panels are more than just a trend. And they’re not just for hippies or treehuggers. There are great, practical reasons to get solar panels. Beyond the practical, yes, it’s still true that using solar energy is good for the environment, too!

Below you’ll find ten great reasons to go solar that just might change your mind!

1. It’s Free! (Eventually)

The sun is a completely renewable resource. Unlike gas or coal, it doesn’t use up any of itself by providing you with power for your home. It doesn’t need to be mined, or dug up, or found. It just shines and shines.

The initial investment is significant, but on average, homeowners have completely recouped the cost of installing solar panels after 7-20 years, depending on tax breaks, energy usage, and lots of other factors.

But, after the break-even point, all your energy for your home is essentially free! In the meantime, your energy bill (if you have one) will be substantially lower.

2. It’s Good For the Planet

Apart from saving people money, this has to be the most appealing reason to get solar panels. After all, if you can save yourself some money, and at the same time help save the earth, what could be better?

Using solar energy produces zero emissions, unlike conventional energy. So it is far better for the environment.

Of course, the solar panels and materials still have to be produced themselves, but that small amount of fossil fuel that is used can quickly be more than made up for using the solar panels for about a year or so. So, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, solar panels are great for the earth.

3. Tax Breaks

Apart from the amount of money you’ll save by not using as much (or any) expensive fossil fuels to power your home, you’ll also save money through tax incentives.

Why are there incentives? Well, generally-speaking people have decided it’s good for the planet if more individuals use solar panels. So, the government can encourage this by offering tax breaks for people that install them.

At the federal level, you can deduct 30% of the cost of installing your solar panels from your taxes!

Your state or city may also offer further tax breaks, too!

4. Off-Grid or On: Your Choice!

Many people are interested in solar panels in order to live off the grid. Maybe they want to live sustainably in the woods, or maybe they don’t want to be part of the city utilities. Going solar can offer a great way to live normally with your own source of energy, cut off from the rest of the world.

But maybe you don’t really care about being off the grid, you just want to do your part to live green, and save some money at the same time. Good news: you could hook up your system to the grid and sell back your excess energy to your local utility company (depending on where you live).

The advantage of doing this is that when you have excess energy, you can get a credit from your utility company and make some extra money from your solar panels. (Batteries are an option, too.)

5. Increase Your Property Value

Having solar panels on your property increases its value. So, even if you don’t live in one place long enough to fully recoup your investment through energy savings, you can likely get more from selling your home if you have solar panels!

All of the good reasons to have them will apply to the next owner, making your home more appealing to the market. In fact, having average-sized solar panels increases your property value by an average of $15,000!

6. Help Create Jobs

Politicians talk all the time about creating jobs, and who knows if they have or not. But when you install solar panels, you are directly helping to create jobs. The industry is still relatively new, and there is tons of room to grow as long as there are new customers!

You can help your local economy by giving work to those providing this service.

7. Stable Cost

When you rely solely on the power grid, you are at the mercy of the current price of energy. It can rise or fall unpredictably. And you’ll always have to pay it… unless you have solar panels.

The cost of your electricity is really just the cost of paying off the solar installation process. However you finance this purchase, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll owe, and for how long.

Of course, once your solar system is paid off, your cost will be zero, apart from any maintenance costs that may occasionally come up.

8. Decrease Dependence on Foreign Oil

This one gets a little political, but if you have any interest in avoiding dependence on foreign countries for energy, solar panels are the right choice for you. Whatever reason you have for not wanting to get involved in foreign affairs, solar power can alleviate those concerns.

The sun shines right overhead, always in your home country.

9. Dependable Set-up

Unlike wind power, which is also a great source of renewable energy, solar panels have no moving parts. So, they are even more dependable and have fewer maintenance issues. They won’t damage easily and offer stable, continuous power.

10. Set An Example

You can lead by example. The world would be better and cleaner if we all used renewable energy to power our homes. If you care about the issue, this is a practical way to set an example for your neighbors and community!

You can play a crucial role in spreading good practices!

Learn More Reasons To Go Solar

Going solar is great for you, the environment, and your local community. Please contact us by email or phone to learn more about reasons to go solar. We can answer any questions you might have and discuss the best options for your home!

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