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At Solar Central Systems, we are your solar experts! We have over 30 years of combined installation experience. Our Company was created to help educate people on the benefits of Solar Energy.  When it comes to knowing about how Solar works, and the different programs available, we are the ones you want to learn from.
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We are experts at installing solar. We take care of the entire process from the initial site visit to making sure your panels get approved and turned on!

$0 down Financing

It costs you absolutely nothing to go solar with us. We partner with financing companies who specialize in Residential Solar. See the savings right away.

25 Year Warranty

Our bumper to bumper warranties give you complete peace of mind. Any issues with your system for the next 25 years are all covered!

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We have carefully crafted a complete package of everything you could ever need when going solar with us. In addition to all of these services, we hold your hand throughout the entire process!
Free Energy Consultation
We assess your current energy usage to determine your solar needs and answer any questions you may have about the process.
$0 Down Financing
We offer various financing options through our trusted banking partners, which require no down payment and zero upfront investment costs.
Custom PV System Design
Our team of skilled engineers will design your solar panel system based on the shape of your roof, direction of the sun & amount of energy you use.
Solar Panel Installation
Our network of licensed electricians & technicians specialize in the install of solar panels. We get your systems turned on without issue!
Site Visit & Roof Inspection
Our team of certified professionals visit your home and fully inspect your roof to make sure you're the right candidate for solar.
25 Year Warranty & Monitoring App
Keep both your solar panel system and your roof protected through our third party warranties. Held by a variety of reputable, long-term companies.
Why Go Solar?

Not only do solar panels save you money on your utility bills, any extra solar energy that was generated with your system but not used can be pushed into the grid and sold back to your electricity provider. A lot of utility companies are mandated to buy this excess energy at a higher rate than you pay. This means that you will be paid or credited the extra energy your solar panels produce.

Solar Panels on your roof can be an added bonus that gives potential buyers a reason to consider your house over others for their long term home experience since they will have the benefit of low to zero energy bills. Most importantly, in most states solar panels DO NOT increase your property taxes. That means your house will raise in value and you won’t be taxed for it! Its’ a win win.

Residential electricity rates have risen across the nation at about 15% over the last 10 years. This trend is likely to continue as natural gas prices continue to rise. With Solar Panels on your roof, you are no longer bound to the painful increases to your energy bills. By producing your own energy, you are able to lower your energy bills while everyone else has higher ones. 

Solar power produces no harmful emissions that are hurt the environment. Since solar is such as clean source of energy, you are doing everyone on earth a favor by not contributing to the harmful emissions caused by conventional power. 

The federal tax credit is by far the most lucrative incentive for getting solar panels. They won’t be around forever. Although solar has gotten cheaper, this tax credit can really make going solar a no brainer! Solar installations will qualify for a tax credit that goes down every year. As more people join in on the solar movement, there is less reason for the federal government to provide incentives. We hope more states and local government will continue with the incentives per state.

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Our Latest Installs
Backside of tan raised ranch with plush green lawn and a high tech solar system installed not he roof reflecting the sun light
Drew Yerich

My solar system is incredible I started saving money right off the bat. The installation took one day I was up and running in eight days. The system sells its self but James doesn’t just sell you a system he walks through it with you answers every question enables you to be incredibly informed. One of the smartest things I’ve done for my home and the environment.

Solar panels installed on two sides of roof, angled from above the house
Mark Hobbs

We had extremely high electric bills. After the first month for full solar our bill is under $50 and will soon be less. Best purchase of my lifetime. Savings of $2400 per year. 5 star rating across the board. This is coming from a solar skeptic. Pull the trigger and do yourself a huge favor.

Cropped image of grey house with a large solar panel installation on roof
John Mitchell

We just had our solar installed, and the process was amazing the entire way. James Roberts was our solar navigator, and was able to answer every question that we had. The installers were professional, courteous and left the place the way they found it. James followed up later in the day to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the install. If I could give James and SCS a 10 Star rating I would.

Tina Nosse

I have wanted to go solar for a few years now and have researched and talked to a few companies. I’ve found my solar solution with SCS. The sales rep is in constant contact with me every step of the way and stopped in during installation to answer any questions. I couldn’t be happier with the job. I am soooo excited to finally go solar. Thank You Solar Central Systems for making this an extraordinary experience!!!

Grey ranch in neighborhood on cloudy day with solar panels reflecting clouds on the roof
Joan Boenig

My experience with Solar Central Systems was excellent from start to project completion.The installers were professional and polite. They even called to fix a problem I was having with my Verizon service. We received permission to operate and were able to turn on the system in only 8 days! VERY PLEASED!!

Backside of raised ranch roof with solar panels installed on hazy day
Louis Zelano
James was great and very informative, he was on time with everything he said and my system was up and running within 18 days, excellent job, thank you James!
Tan ranch with blue shudders and a solar system installed on the roof
David Mallett

From start to finish the installers were very professional and courteous, and James our go-to guy who got us started with the process of solar energy right until it was turned on was outstanding at what he does. Thank you so much SCS!

The 26% Tax Credit Is Expiring After 2020!
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